Great impromptu ride!

Headed out to MSF range in Piscataway this morning to help with school bike maintenance before the Winter. By the time I got there, the other coaches already did everything! A bit of chitchat and a few of us headed out to Sport Honda for open house. Got to see a lot of cool bikes and snapped some pics.
After everyone took off, I realized I had lots of time to myself.. beautiful weather and I’m already out on my bike.. PA here I come 😀
Went to Frenchtown (snapped more pics) and my favorite airport via local roads.
140 miles later, I’m back home and I’m very happy right now.. what a great day!

This rider chose to park his BMW right next to me.. making it nearly impossible for me to get out without contacting his bike. But at least his bike easily has the widest chicken strips I’ve ever seen on ANY bike EVER.. leaving the helmet propped up like that is a great idea too!

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